Snowmageddon 2016 — Here Comes the Sun

The storm broke last night (or early this morning) at about Midnight. The snow came down continuously until then, then the flakes became finer and finer, and finally let up. And this morning, the sun’s out.

So, now comes my least favorite part: digging out. But with the sun overhead, I might even enjoy it a little bit. I’ll pace myself. Digging my car out will be the first task.


After that, I’ll dig out the driveway, and after some warm tea and a sit down, get out and clear the walkway up to the house and the rest of the drive.

Trying not to think of all of it at once, as it’s pretty overwhelming. Looks to be over two feet of snow out there, and the longer the sun’s out, the slushier and wetter it gets, and therefore heavier and harder to move. There are times when living alone has its downsides.

But upside: Mentally, still good! Made it through! The snow made some awesome icicles and snow patterns, the sun’s out, no one’s hurt (as far as I know), and the cleanup’s about to go down.


Hope Snowmageddon treated everyone else okay; from me, it’s an over-and-out.

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Snowmageddon 2016 — STILL continues

Holey moley. The snow keeps coming. It’s supposed to end sometime tonight, and be clear outside tomorrow. I hope so, cuz digging out is certainly going to take a couple days, and a girl’s gotta get to work. Even a girl driving a 2002 Honda Civic.

Here’s some pics from about 5 PM, Saturday. You can see, if you look closely, the righteous icicle action on the neighboring home, my car beneath that hump of snow, and the clearly southerly proclivity of the storm, tugging snow to the left on the green banister of my porch:

Mental state: Mellow. Did laundry, did some cleaning, feeling pretty good.

Cheers to this storm coming to close tonight, though. I’ll be sleeping on the couch like I did last night, watching the snow blow by the street lamps and create drifts over the ornamental grass. If I can drift off, that is. I feel a little like a kid, too excited to sleep on Christmas night. I think it’s that weird snow-day mentality. So exciting.¬†Only less exciting because you have to dig yourownself out instead of your folks getting out there with their shovels. Drag.

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Snowmageddon 2016 — it continues

Well, it’s still snowing. Plus the winds have kicked in, so it’s hard to see out there. Most people (and animals, apparently) are staying inside; haven’t seen hide nor hair of anything today.

Mental state: Tired and bored. Didn’t sleep much last night, but spent a lot of time looking out the windows at the snow pouring down.

These pics are from when I woke up around 8 AM:

So good point: I’m still alive!

Not so good: I think I’m gonna be stuck here a while.

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Snowmageddon 2016 — David Snowie

It’s been a long time since I posted to this blog, but Snowmageddon 2016 is as good a reason as any to get back to the keyboard (if only for the reason that I’m snowed the hell in).

I’ll post pics from the porch of my adorable cottage house, and let you know of my mental well-being. Should be said, I super hate sitting still. And being snowed in is a nightmare.

Mental state:

Currently not so bad. Drank some rum, took a long walk before the snow started, and now watching weird daytime stuff on TV.

This was around 3:30 pm:




And this around 5:30:



So far, so good.

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National Museum of African Art

On Sunday I decided to swing by the National Museum of African Art in DC. My memories of this place was of it being a tiny little hole-in-the-wall compared to the larger art museums surrounding it (like the Freer/Sackler art galleries and the Hirshorn, both of which I stopped by on Sunday as well). Now, I’d say it definitely isn’t inferior in size, so much as attendance. Despite the museum being connected to the Asian Art museum on sub-level 3 (which has a delightful display currently, which I will discuss in a moment), there were about 150% fewer people in the African Art museum compared to Freer/Sackler. I can’t say why, perhaps just less interest in Africa as a region — the far east has always held large appeal with westerners — or that it was the final day at Freer/Sackler of an exhibition of works by Kiyochika (a super-interesting exhibition, I must say).


Kiyochika, Master of the Night. Ghostly paintings with intricate detail.

Regardless, the African Art museum was blissfully quiet, peaceful and gorgeous. The gardens surrounding it on the ground level, and the atrium providing sunlight all the way down to the third sub-level is well thought-out and calming. Currently on that third sub-level is an exhibit called Visions from the Forests, with art and artifacts from Liberia and Sierra Leone, and the gallery space has peaceful forest sounds playing throughout. The exhibit is set up magnificently, and the artifacts are so varied. Some remind me very much of Polynesian art and sculpture, some even remind me of Norse artifacts. The exhibit made me wonder how similar ideas could float among many historic peoples who never came into direct contact with one another; I’ve never been much into history, but I’m sure an art historian would have a field day connecting those dots for me.


Coming into the exhibition hall for Visions from the Forests.

With such a well-curated and thoughtful exhibit, I really wonder why more people aren’t visiting this hidden gem, so I’m taking the opportunity to tell you all, the National Museum of African Art is dope, and it’s right down the street from the Hirshorn. Just get on the garden path or Independence Ave., walk past a big, castle-looking Smithsonian building, and you’re there. Stop by only to visit on your way to the Freer/Sackler building, if you want (they have the exact same layout, so think of it as practice). Check out the Visions from the Forests exhibit now until August 17th.

The National Museum of African Art is what’s up.

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Desert Nights is HERE!!

Hey friends! My brand new suspense book Desert Nights is here! It’s got sex, drugs, punk rock and psychos. I literally don’t know what else you’d want in a book.

You can get the book in paperback from at the Createspace store, or on the big online retailer websites, and in all sortsa e-versions on Smashwords. Please pick it up, and if you like it, tell a friend!

More information on my website

Happy reading!


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Review of Desert Nights, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rocket from the Crypt

Hey friends! Long time, no post. Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy, writing mostly.

Fun fact: Kirkus Indie just wrote a good review of my upcoming novel Desert Nights! I’m super stoked! The book’s full of punk rock bands, debauchery, substance abuse and murder. Should be right up everyone’s alley!

You can read the review of Desert Nights here:

And here’s a link to my website,


On another note, I did go to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops (with David Wax Museum) and Rocket From the Crypt in April. I super-wanted to post about the shows, but I was both busy and lazy. Both shows were friggin awesome, though. I posted about David Wax Museum in the past, and Carolina Chocolate drops, especially with their Oberlin College roots (I went to Oberlin), have always been a favorite of mine. They’re a traditional African American string band (YES that’s a thing … you think bluegrass got its minor keys from England?) and they rocked the 9:30 Club in April. I happened to meet a couple friends I hadn’t seen a while at the show, one incidentally from Oberlin, so it felt like a magnificent reunion.

Rocket from the Crypt is a punk/ska band from SoCal, and from way back in the day. My friend Jess brought me along to this show for my birthday — this was one of her favorite local bands when she lived in San Diego. She assured me they were legit, and they were. SUPER entertaining. Clearly seasoned professionals. Lots of these older punk bands are getting back out on the road now (see posts on that here and here); I speculate it’s a function of the members nearing midlife crises and looking to validate themselves and talent in front of an audience again. I’m not complaining! I’m stoked! Looking forward to some of my other favorite, contemporary bands nearing forty … in about five years I can fill my social docket with great live shows! Bonus.

Well, please have a look at my book review, and keep up on the soon-to-come release of Desert Nights on

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