Oh yeah, I went to the moon

 Alright, so it’s not quite the moon; it’s Kona, HI.  I went for a conference about a month ago and was absolutely in love with the geology. Kona’s on the big island, in the rain shadow of the volcano so it’s super dry and made out of this lava rock.  Everywhere. This was on a trail.  Actually, let’s see if I can find an opening to the trail…

 Yeah.  Moon.  If it had an atmosphere. I didn’t bring a chunk home with me, the whole “leave no trace” ethic and all.  But blimey.  I’d never seen a landscape like it. Just black rock as far as the eye could see, unless you looked toward the ocean.  Then there was water, no beach, just black rock up to the water, and a bit of vegetation clinging on because of the increased moisture.  Wait, I have a picture of that too…

 That’s ocean waaaay in the background to the right. A smudge of blue.  I walked over there, but those pictures are boring. Everyone knows what ocean looks like.

Anyway, I always dreamt of going to Molokai, which is the most natural of the Hawaiian islands, where they used to keep the lepers, but I think Kona was a great alternative. It’s quite pretty and natural and uncrowded. Plus it was like 80 degrees and slightly humid the whole time. Gorgeous.  Hot hiking out on the black rock, but nice elsewhere.

So, Kona, HI. It’s SO what’s up.


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