So…what’s been happening?

Well thanks for asking, internet!  I went away on holiday to see the family and see my sister and her lil girl.  She’s 1.5 yrs old and beginning to talk and toddling around. SO cute. She imitates my laugh, which is strange.  I don’t laugh much, maybe more so now because I’m less depressed than I was last year (you want that scoop, hit this up), but for some reason that’s the one thing of mine the kiddo has latched on to.  I think she thinks it’s something I’m saying as opposed to doing.  She imitates the laugh with a straight face. Studies me and fakes it.  I LOVE it. Laughing with a straight face is so unnerving. I aspire to be my tiny niece.

Also, I went to see the Nerdist Live at the 9:30 Club in DC. I haven’t been to this club since I was a kid so I was stoked to return. Much more fun now that I could drink.  It was sold out, if you can believe it. Mr Chris Hardwick. Sold out in DC.  Wow.  BTW, Chris Hardwick, if you want to make out some time, I’m completely down.

Oh yeah, I don’t know if I was in DC when I started this blog. I moved from Oakland to DC about…five months ago? It’s a little like my childhood (check the Black Girl in the Room primary post for my deal).  I was always the odd one out, so if I end up in a sitch where I feel comfortable and I have friends and I’m settled in all the standard societal ways I get really itchy.  I want to dig myself out of my happy hole, uproot and go somewhere else.  Afterall, the more places I know people, the more places I can travel and keep costs down by crashing on couches.  So DC is my new/old home, and I’m actually happy to be near family and to be no longer afraid of being in the same room as my mother without bursting into flame.

Also, new stories are beginning.  Got one brewing inside my head just now (if you want to read the one I already wrote, click here).  I’ll keep y’all apprised.


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