Leap Day

It only comes every four years, man. What was I supposed to do? I had a shot of Jameson, neat, with a Coke.  Just the one.  It was Leap Day!  A whole extra 24 hours in what has already been a pretty good year.

I’m optimistic this year, America. I didn’t get as depressed this pseudo-winter as I did last winter in Oakland (mostly due to that pseudo- part. It’s been quite nice east-coasties) and I managed to quit drinking.  Except for that Leap Day thing I just mentioned.  Doesn’t count.  Anyway, also there’s an Ireland trip in the future, a trip to Atlanta with the family, there’s the family reunion I haven’t been to in ten years or so I’ll actually get to go to this year…things are looking up.

So Leap Day just gave me an extra day to reflect on how utterly awesome this year had possibility to be.  And that’s what, I think, Leap Day’s all about.  That, and this.

Leap Day’s what’s up.


About ckstackhouse

Author of suspense books, creative consultant, blogger on culture and publishing. www.stackhousebooks.com
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