Soccer ahoy!

Well, America, a new soccer season has begun.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve played soccer since I was seven, played in Woodbridge on club teams, then in high school and in college and have played on recreational co-ed and women’s leagues since graduating from college.

I really like playing co-ed soccer.  It’s quite different, as I was used to dominating on the field with women’s teams, and after some 300+ goals in that arena it was interesting to switch into a situation where I was clearly not faster or stronger than anyone else.  In fact, I was intrinsically weaker.  I’ve toughened up a lot playing against guys, and have employed some less-than-100-percent-legal tactics to compete with them.  The latter is something I never, ever did playing against women, because it wasn’t necessary to be a viable player.  When you need to get a little dirty to do your job, you get dirty.

Soccer’s one of those pass-times that’s never grown old for me.  I look back with a pretty harsh eye on literally everything I’ve ever done or experienced, but soccer’s the only thing that’s always come out of it on the positive.  It keeps me fit, keep me focused/unfocused for a solid two hours, I get to meet new folks, and I get to legally fuck people up.  In a sports-related way, of course.  I’ve entertained the idea of coaching, to pass on this love of the game and its power to shake away the things that are bothering you, if only for a couple hours. I’m gonna need to gain an appreciation for kids first, though.

So, just taking a sec to say, soccer: it’s what’s up.


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