Nerdist finally interviewed Seth Green!  I remember a young-teenage me having a fierce crush on that dude.  He’s just the perfect size for me.  And, well, he was a werewolf.

Anyway, at one point Chris Hardwick brings up the difference between his parents’ generation and his own, where to the last generation work was hard and hateful, and to us, if we’re willing to hustle and take some uncomfortable years, it can be something we actually enjoy and are passionate about.

Hardwick’s got about a decade on me agewise, but his dad is the same age as mine.  I think my dad actually found something he enjoyed doing in the latter part of his work career, but my mom certainly hated every minute of her working life.  She’s a bit of a restless person anyway, so it’s unlikely any one thing would ever keep her satisfied, and yet that was the way of the work world when she went though it.  One job, 30-40 years if you can swing it.  Also my folks, in their twenties in the ’60s when civil rights upheaval started, kinda had to take whatever they could get work-wise.   The Army was one of the only equal-opportunity employers and my dad took that route, my mom having to walk in at ground level as a typist despite having a college degree, getting into civilian government work.

So I suppose I understand when they can’t wrap their minds around me doing a hustle and jive to find a way to do what I love for a living. The idea of job-hopping and surfing for the perfect combination of gigs instead of epoxying to one is completely foreign to them because they really, really didn’t have that option.

I’d like to find jobs that let me work part time so I’d have more time to write.  Financially I live well below my means so I could probably pull this off without too much hassle.  It’s by design.  The less I have, the less cluttered my mind and life feels. Plus in having a couple different jobs I wouldn’t be completely screwed by getting laid off of one job or the other, and the financial set-back I could absorb due to the paying off of debt and accrual of savings rendered by current circumstances.

See, I have a plan, albeit a vague one.

I know this post started with Seth Green and Nerdist, and it should end that way too.  Both these guys figured out a way to carve their nerdy little niches into the entertainment industry and thrive.  I’m always going to continue to try to carve mine out as well.  I’m not looking for fame or anything, just the opportunity to make someone’s weekend by giving them a fun book to read.  I pledge here and now to write at least a book a year.  Even if it’s not something I want to publish, or it’s ghostwriting, or a book of short stories.  I’ll allow no moss to grow on these typing fingertips.

So go listen to Seth Green talk, somehow, with a slightly southern accent despite being born in Pennsylvania.  And hear Hardwick geek out about Star Wars stuff.  Love wrapped up in an hour-long package,


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