Cinco de Mayo

I had a fairly delightful Cinco de Mayo, readers.  It’s not a holiday I generally celebrate, like, at all but it was a Saturday, gorgeous outside, and I had all afternoon wide open with no obligations.

First, I met my friend Christine over at a plant sale and festival over in a wooded, posh part of Bethesda (yeah, there’s a posh-er side of Bethesda) at the Landon School to check out the local artisans’ booths,  not so much buy the flowers, and people-watch.  Rich people make me nervous so I was a little uncomfortable at first, but the school grounds are beautifully landscaped, and there was a kids’ zone with rides, bouncy-castles and a rock wall (!), food booths and even some live music.  I saw only one legitimately diggable guy the  whole time, but that’s to be expected in a sea of dudes in pink polo shirts, khaki shorts and loafers/sandals.  Weak.

From here Christine and I headed into downtown Bethesda.  We had a hankering for margaritas, Cinco-appropriate, and hit up the little place called Plaza Del Sol on St Elmo street.  There’s a parking garage right across the street from the restaurant.  Our waiter was attentive and bit adorable, and we were never in want of chips and salsa before we ordered.

Plaza Del Sol has a full bar and for the holiday (or perhaps all the time) they had a good selection of margarita flavors;  Christina picked the traditional lime and I took peach, with an extra shot of tequila on the side for each of us.  The waiter recommended the two-person fajita platter and we took the suggestion, ordering a combo of chicken and steak fajitas.  The portion was delicious and well seasoned, ample and fairly cheap, with enough left over for each of us to bring home a nice snack.   The ambiance was great. Low key.  Outside, in the patio sitting area, there was live music and a traditional Spanish dancer, and a nice little breeze Plaza Del Sol can’t quite take credit for.  Inside was well air-conditioned and adorned with balloons and a seating area large enough so it didn’t feel claustrophobic despite the fact that Plaza Del Sol isn’t a big place.  We hung out here a while, getting a couple more drinks before we left.  I consider this spot a hidden treasure and I’ll definitely return in the future.

I’d kind of forgotten about celebrating these minor holidays.  I was so SO busy with work in the past that I just didn’t even pay attention.  What a simple, happy pleasure it is to have some free time these days.  So have fun out there, America.  I know I will be.


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