INTJ Woman

I love podcast, friends. I’d like to have one of my own, I just need to figure out something that I’d always be interested in talking about with people, and would never get old. Recently, okay, for that last, lime ten years, I’ve been kind of obsessed with the fact that I’m an INTJ (Meyers-Briggs) woman, a species that for a long time, disputably, didn’t exist. Hi! Totally exist. I think. Or maybe everything else doesn’t? Solipsism. Ouch my brain.

Oh yeah! Podcasts! I want to host a podcast called INTJ Woman in which I find people of all the other M-B types (that’d be 16, 15 not including my own) and discuss what that means for us on specific topics like romance, religion, social structure, etc. I’d like to get a male and female of each type to chat with, so that’d be about 30 podcasts on the subject.

Now, granted this idea would take some pre-planning and an agreement to be open and honest and not to get all fucking heated about things. I’m pretty good about that, as I’m just super interested in how people see things, how their personalities color things. I’d just love it as an illuminating tool, as I’m inherently not great with decoding other people, why they do such random-seeming stuff sometimes. Maybe getting some of these convos out in the open will help me and others understand those walking mysteries around us.

For those that wonder, now, why in hell wouldn’t an INTJ Woman exist? I is introversion, N is iNtuitive (so I process stuff around me to a point, then I feel comfortable making intuitive leaps without concrete evidence), T is thinking, which is my extroverted function, so I’m internally aware of and most comfortable expressing myself in terms of what I think, as opposed to how I feel, and finally J is judging, which dictates how I order stuff around me. I like things organized and standardized. This block of text is somehow super-manly: stoic, reserved, thoughtful, unemotional, analytical, decisive. All those things are awesome, why do they have to be man-adjectives?? At some point, probably in the 80s, somebody acknowledged that women can be as INTJ as the next guy, but probably even better because of that “women’s intuition” sprinkled on top.

So. Prior planning for all guests would be to take the Meyers Briggs test, take a deep breath, and come in ready to spill their guts. Unemotionally please, if possible. Well, I suppose I can’t expect that for everyone, can I? I might have to brush up on my emotional diffusing skills. Oh! Wouldn’t a panel of emotionals be AMAZING? I suppose that’s what Jerry Springer is, huh?

Also, here are some podcasts I adore: Nerdist and Mike and Tom Eat Snacks (MATES) on Nerdist, The Ricky Gervais Podcast, and Throwing Shade and My Brother, My Brother and Me on Maximum Fun.

Sleep well, world. I’ll be falling asleep watching Criminal Minds Memorial Day marathon.

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