Joe Pug and David Wax Museum

Well, I wrote a whole post about this folk show I went to see at the 9:30 club a couple weeks ago with David Wax Museum and Joe Pug, but the internet glitched and ate it.  And I’m not going through the bullshit of remaking it.  So: David Wax Museum, Mexo-Americana, cute, bright, makes you want to stomp and clap your hands.  Joe Pug: soulful, humble, simple, intimate, amazing, amazing, amazing. Change-your-life type stuff.  Go see either of them if they come into your town.

I stopped by Quarry House Tavern before I went to the show. They have good whiskey, and tasty tater tots. Look it up.

9:30 isn’t my fave venue for things that should be intimate, but Joe Pug made it juuust right.

If I recover anything of my lost post, I’ll share it.  Otherwise, I’m out.

Folk shit at 9:30’s what’s up.


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