Rosa Mexicano and Dancing Crab

Hey Internet!

So I’ve been toiling away trying to get into writing this next novel of mine.  The story is in a dark voice, from a pretty psychologically bent perspective so the shift from work-brain to writing-brain is pretty much impossible on weekdays.  I set aside a weekend a month and dedicate it to writing, no socializing, and find those Saturday and Sunday mornings to be quite productive.  But it is so slow-going and there are so many ideas swirling in my head I estimate it to be about a year before I get it all out and can jump into editing.  I do love to edit, so it’s sort of like the carrot at the end of the very, very long stick.

Anyway, this past weekend my good friend Christine had her last hurrah in DC, as she’s moving to pursue a PhD.  Super sad.  She’s awesome.  Anyway, we (and a few friends) first had dinner at Rosa Mexicano, a few blocks from the Friendship Heights metro.  There are apparently a couple other Rosa Mexicano locations, one in Chevy Chase and another in National Harbor.  This one in DC is relatively new, but it was really well attended.  The place is pretty big, but broken up into managably-sized rooms so it feels more intimate. The service is quick and the food is really good.  I had a duck enchilada which was a perfect size, slightly spicy and came with sides of black beans and a seasoned rice which were both delicious.  Rosa also has an excellent selection of tequila, if that’s your thing, and since I was glovin’ up for karaoke at the Dancing Crab (our next stop) I did imbibe a couple different tequilas.  The price was reasonable, ambiance good, food yummy.  Overall, I give it an 8 on a completely arbitrary scale.

Dancing Crab is a few blocks to the south of Rosa Mexicano, and it’s a wonderful, wonderful dive bar.  During the day, apparently, it serves crab, but at night it’s got dim lighting, cheap drinks, rowdy regulars, and on Saturday nights, karaoke.   It’s not particularly crowded so I got to get up and sing about three songs, not including group songs with my little band of merry-folk.  The song selection is pretty good — it’s not the type where you can pick a song from the internet or anything, so it has its limits, especially when it comes to very current songs, but it is pretty impressive for a place like Dancing Crab.  It doesn’t look like it’d be as badass at karaoke as it is.  The dude running the show was quite attentive when it came to levels, and forgiving of drunken stupidity (as one would have to be at a dive).  There’s a nice patio out front for a smoke break or to get away from the music or enjoy the coolness of deep night.  Parking’s easy on weekends as the meters are free.  Last call’s at two, as with most bars, and the Tenleytown Metro is about a block away.

Karaoke’s oddly one of those things people either like or don’t.  I can’t understand anyone who doesn’t want to pretend to be a rock star for night.  Next chance you get, fucking get on stage and belt out anything you know!  Dancing Crab’s a great place for this, cuz no one cares, everyone’s drunk, and you can get up a few times before your courage wears off.

So karaoke.  It’s what’s up.

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