News flash: Naomie Harris is in Skyfall (SPOILER — apparently)

Hey America, did you know there’s a smokin’ hot, ass-kicking black woman in that new Bond movie Skyfall? No?  Maybe that’s because she’s in the previews for only about a half-second, just long enough to see her if you freeze-frame.

Okay, look, I get the story and franchise is more about the BLOND (please don’t get me started on that) Daniel Craig as Bond and Judi Dench as M, but come on.  I saw Ben Whishaw in the previews (and who the hell is Ben Whishaw??) but you can’t toss in the woman who, SPOILER ALERT, apparently shoots Bond off a train to his death? (Not to disparage Ben Whishaw.  Superb actor, gorgeous thing, and is, in his part as Q, like a cross between Merlin and Dr. Reed on Criminal Minds.)

So I’m working through some scenarios where this might be okay…maybe Naomie Harris is a big reveal in this movie?  I mean, I never saw Ralph Finnes in any of the previews, and by God can he wear a navy blue three-piece suit, BTW, but his entrance was somewhat built up to.  Naomie just pops on the screen at the beginning of the movie and then fucks everything up.  And thanks SO MUCH for that last part, MGM, Lions Gate, Columbia Pictures.

I found myself liking this Bond movie more than I expected to, despite a rocky start.  After Naomie Harris’ turn as Selena in 28 Days Later, a character that seemed to fully encapsulate where my personality and psyche would be in a post-apocalyptic scenario, I like her more than most people I actually know.  Her character’s playful, no-shit approach to Bond in Skyfall was well appreciated.  And the potential of her return in future Bond franchise movies is quite titillating…

However.  She’s Moneypenny.  Works perfectly for the personal dynamics Harris and Craig set up between their characters.  I get it, crazy movie conglomerate.  But she’s the secretary.  The help.  That hurt real bad, MGM/Columbia Pictures/Lions Gate.  It hurt real bad.  But I’ sure you didn’t mean it like that, right?  Didn’t even cross your mind.  Fine.  Yeah, we’re cool.  It’s fine.  It’s not like black people are gonna flock to this movie or anything.

So I’m just going to take a breath and hold tight knowing there’s more will they/won’t they Naomie/Daniel fun in the future, and hope you don’t seriously fuck this up.  Because I’ll be watching.  And maybe, just maybe, put Harris in the freaking (American) preview next time.


The Black Girl in the Room


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