Throwing Shade at Black Cat

throwing shade

Well, well. DC got a tiny bit cooler last night. And not just this freakishly amazing August weather. LA’s own Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson brought the live version of their super-entertaining podcast Throwing Shade to the Black Cat. They talk, weekly, about gay issues and lady issues (but not the gross ones…well, sometimes they talk about those too) happening in the US and occasionally around the world.

I love Throwing Shade. I listen to it every week. I think before I got into podcasts in general I could go for weeks without truly laughing so hard I cried. But along came the Max Fun network and everything changed. Bryan and Erin are bawdy and shameless, come straight at the issues of the week without regard to what their conservative Texan moms might say, and quite honestly give me a perspective skewed a bit from my own. Our sentiments are often the same but the long walk to the conclusion takes me places I didn’t expect to go (oftentimes that place being Bryan Safi’s butthole).

And these are exciting/precarious times for gays/ladies: Russia flipping their collective shit over gay protections and gay rights, France (France!) being assholes about gay rights, marriage equality moving steadily forward (hooray!), women’s rights and bodies being under constant political attack, women’s bodies being under constant physical attack, non-existent reproductive rights, I mean, who can keep up with all this mayhem??

Bryan and Erin can. On Sunday they tackled transgender issues, disparity in insurance rates between men and women (women pay more because…uterus? I guess?), and played a rowdy game of “Would you rather…?” with the audience. And offended the hell out of the bartenders, from what I could observe. It was glorious. And well attended to boot.

While I’m on the topic, in addition to Max Fun, Nerdist and Earwolf have some fantastic podcasts (and I’m leaving out This American Life and all the goodness of NPR, because technically, while it can be consumed in podcast form, it’s a radio show). My current faves: Thrilling Adventure Hour, Throwing Shade, My Brother, My Brother and Me, Sklarbro Count(r)y, MATES, Nerdist (depending who’s on), and newly listening to Ronna & Beverly, due to their hilarious visit to Sklarbro Country. If anyone has another ‘cast I might love, give me a holler and let me know about it.

So where was I? Oh yeah! Throwing Shade’s what’s up!

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1 Response to Throwing Shade at Black Cat

  1. becklist says:

    I don’t have too much time for anything these days, but I think I should make some room for some podcasts in the background. Good for the baby right? I did hear one episode of a podcast recently.

    The host sounds like an interesting person in my opinion…

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