Dan Chaon and Litquake

Okay, this is a post about two things I love more than other things coming together in one place.

Dan Chaon’s writing is one of my favorite things. I have, like, zero attention span sometimes and his collections of short stories captivate me. They’re just so…desolate. There’s no other way to describe the feeling they evoke. It’s like standing in the wilderness, surrounded by dead or dying trees, and you have no idea how you got there. Lost, semi-spooked (but more like “huh, I guess this is where I am now”) and utterly alone. They’re amazing. So he’s the one thing.

Then there’s Litquake, a literary festival in San Francisco. It’s epic. And happening right now, October 11-19th. And ends with a Lit Crawl, which is basically a pub crawl (in the Mission this year) with authors doing readings in over 80 locations. Just a note: San Franciscans love beer/drinking and books. Those are that city’s two favorite things.  But Litquake is my other thing.

So the two things make sweet, sweet love on Monday as there’s a performing arts group called Word for Word that is doing a reading on Monday (the 14th) from Dan Chaon’s collection of short stories Stay Awake (specifically the title story Stay Awake) as part of Litquake.  I LOVE Stay Awake. The book is the very best and creepiest of Chaon’s stories all bound together. I highly recommended it.

So two of my favorite things, Dan Chaon’s writing and Litquake, have come together to create something new. And I can’t be there (damn this 3000 miles between us), so I’m suggesting anyone on the West coast who’s nearby needs to get their butts to Litquake. And if you can, go see the reading of Stay Awake.  For me. Thanks 🙂


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