Review of Desert Nights, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rocket from the Crypt

Hey friends! Long time, no post. Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy, writing mostly.

Fun fact: Kirkus Indie just wrote a good review of my upcoming novel Desert Nights! I’m super stoked! The book’s full of punk rock bands, debauchery, substance abuse and murder. Should be right up everyone’s alley!

You can read the review of Desert Nights here:

And here’s a link to my website,


On another note, I did go to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops (with David Wax Museum) and Rocket From the Crypt in April. I super-wanted to post about the shows, but I was both busy and lazy. Both shows were friggin awesome, though. I posted about David Wax Museum in the past, and Carolina Chocolate drops, especially with their Oberlin College roots (I went to Oberlin), have always been a favorite of mine. They’re a traditional African American string band (YES that’s a thing … you think bluegrass got its minor keys from England?) and they rocked the 9:30 Club in April. I happened to meet a couple friends I hadn’t seen a while at the show, one incidentally from Oberlin, so it felt like a magnificent reunion.

Rocket from the Crypt is a punk/ska band from SoCal, and from way back in the day. My friend Jess brought me along to this show for my birthday — this was one of her favorite local bands when she lived in San Diego. She assured me they were legit, and they were. SUPER entertaining. Clearly seasoned professionals. Lots of these older punk bands are getting back out on the road now (see posts on that here and here); I speculate it’s a function of the members nearing midlife crises and looking to validate themselves and talent in front of an audience again. I’m not complaining! I’m stoked! Looking forward to some of my other favorite, contemporary bands nearing forty … in about five years I can fill my social docket with great live shows! Bonus.

Well, please have a look at my book review, and keep up on the soon-to-come release of Desert Nights on


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