Snowmageddon 2016 — it continues

Well, it’s still snowing. Plus the winds have kicked in, so it’s hard to see out there. Most people (and animals, apparently) are staying inside; haven’t seen hide nor hair of anything today.

Mental state: Tired and bored. Didn’t sleep much last night, but spent a lot of time looking out the windows at the snow pouring down.

These pics are from when I woke up around 8 AM:

So good point: I’m still alive!

Not so good: I think I’m gonna be stuck here a while.

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Author of suspense books, creative consultant, blogger on culture and publishing.
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1 Response to Snowmageddon 2016 — it continues

  1. becklist says:

    Oh. I am damn happy to read these posts! Missed you on here! Can’t wait to see the next photos.

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