Snowmageddon 2016 — Here Comes the Sun

The storm broke last night (or early this morning) at about Midnight. The snow came down continuously until then, then the flakes became finer and finer, and finally let up. And this morning, the sun’s out.

So, now comes my least favorite part: digging out. But with the sun overhead, I might even enjoy it a little bit. I’ll pace myself. Digging my car out will be the first task.


After that, I’ll dig out the driveway, and after some warm tea and a sit down, get out and clear the walkway up to the house and the rest of the drive.

Trying not to think of all of it at once, as it’s pretty overwhelming. Looks to be over two feet of snow out there, and the longer the sun’s out, the slushier and wetter it gets, and therefore heavier and harder to move. There are times when living alone has its downsides.

But upside: Mentally, still good! Made it through! The snow made some awesome icicles and snow patterns, the sun’s out, no one’s hurt (as far as I know), and the cleanup’s about to go down.


Hope Snowmageddon treated everyone else okay; from me, it’s an over-and-out.

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2 Responses to Snowmageddon 2016 — Here Comes the Sun

  1. becklist says:

    Amazing photos! Wish I was there shoveling with you!

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