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Hey World! I’ve been lax at keeping up with this blog, mostly because I’ve been going through some depression/anxiety, new meds, new house, new guy, flux, flux, flux. You know how Buddhists say “Life is suffering?” To translate it correctly, it’s reallymore like, “Life is Flux,” and flux in inherently uncomfortable. Change is hard, but change can be for the better.

I always scold myself for not doing more. I am never, ever satisfied. There’s always something else that I can be doing, seeing, consuming, and more and more my interest has turned to travel. I’ve seen most of the US, I live in a city that is in a hurry all-the-goddamn-time, clearly our country is currently trash, and I think seeing other cultures really broadens you. You can realize your life doesn’t have to be as frantic as we all make it. Any time I travel it’s a test run for where I’ll ultimately live, cuz it’s looking less and less like it’ll be north america.

Now, I do go places. I always say to myself: why aren’t you traveling right now? Seeing the same sights in boring. Same couch, same floors, same walls, same halls…it all gives me hives. Brain hives. My brain gets itchy. Thing is, I never document going places. Maybe if I can look back and say, “oh, hey itchy brain, we literally just saw a new place two months ago” I can quell it for a while. So I’m going to try to document my travels now. First of the Travels section will be a bit of an info dump, cataloging the last couple years’ travels, then going forward will be intermittent. It’s mostly for me, and my itchy brain, but if y’all like it, cool. More to come soon.

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Author of suspense books, creative consultant, blogger on culture and publishing.
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